Tableware design for Jean-Francois Piége

Paris - France
Jean-François Piège Mauviel 1830
Tableware design for Jean François et Élodie Piége - Le Clover Grill and Le Grand Restaurant
Benoit Linero

Copper show

A cooking utensil collection with Michelin-starred appeal

Mauviel's classic kitchen utensils are clamoured after by the world's best kltchens and dining establishmenls, but it doesn't stop the Normandy-based copperware specialist from moving with the times and the fresh demands of contemporary kitchens.


lts latest collection has been designed by Le studio REV for the Michelin-starred Paris-based chef Jean-François Piège.

The hero piece is a square-domed smoker in which he cooks veal sweetbreads over charred walnut shells.


Also in the collection is a fondue set used to cook meat in a hot broth, and a platter conceived for a whole duck but adaptable for other purposes. Currently in use at Piège's restaurants Clover Grill and Le Grand Restaurant, the pieces will soon be available to buy from selected Mauviel 1830 outlets.


/ Emma Moore and Rosa Bertoli, Wallpaper Magazine