M&O Paris invites REV/STUDIO - Hospitality Lab 24/01

Paris - France
Maison & Objet
REV studio has been invited to scenarize an hybrid space in between Hospitality and Retail
18th - 24th of January, 2024
Anne Emmanuelle Thion

Hospitality Lab Showcase by REV/STUDIO


Our scenography for this edition of Maison & Objet is a Manifesto of the connections between the world of avant-garde hospitality and the world of retail. 

The architecture that Le Studio Rev offers is the consequence of savoir-vivre, a joie de vivre…

Exceptional products and visitors, find their place around an oversized table which sums up the archetype of conviviality through a precise mix of generosity, spectacle and gourmandise.

A table inspired by a certain iconography of encounters, of a French cultural diplomacy which knows how to find its place around the table to inspire the fusion between a certain exoticism and cultural permanencies.

The table features a profusion of plants and a selection of objects of desire which recompose the poetic memory of the Hotel that we have just visited but also on sale and to take away to make life more beautiful once we return to the routine of all the days.


The table is made up of trays located at different heights to give relief and singularity to each world of products while keeping a common horizon.

The materials of the trays emphasize a specific comfort: wood for comfort around the table and glass for the central part dedicated to the presentation of products and prestigious brands.


The precise milestone of this new space is a fabulous screen suspended 7 m high, a singular and disproportionate object, an intriguing mirage from far and near.

Subtle lights located below the table caress the presence of each object through the glass tops and project it onto the screen overhead, with a slight movement.


The uncertainties of shadows and lights vibrate the ephemeral and powerful image of this intriguing, mysterious and attractive signal, an unforgettable mark in the memory of visitors.