La Maison Carita - L'Oréal Luxe

Paris - France
New brand architecture concept, historical building renovation, interiors
2000 sqm
2019-In progress
Benoit Linero

The rebirth of a legend


We wanted the Carita Maison de Beauté to stand out as a new must-go-to destination in Paris, with all the legendary prestige that surrounds it. The sidewalk of Faubourg Saint Honoré extends into the venue so people can rediscover the charms of taking a stroll in this neighborhood, which is the very embodiment of luxury.


We were inspired by all of the places that are part of what makes this area legendary: places that are open to visitors where people can get together, a pleasant place to take a walk, make an appointment to meet with someone or simply to spend an entire afternoon enjoying the neighborhood… Here is where the culture of the best-known brands merges with Parisian savoir-vivre, an absolute international icon to the pleasure of living well.


To make the Carita Maison de Beauté a true destination address in Paris, it was necessary to create a monumental, spectacular, memorable space that begins as soon as you walk in through the famous portico.


So we took down the structures that existed in the building’s former courtyard and raised the height of the glass roof.


The atrium is the epicenter of the new Maison de Beauté, where the quintessence of the brand’s monogram and the new Carita identity take concrete form and create a memory.


Our work consisted of remodeling the existing atrium by removing later additions to it so that we could restore the original proportions of the building’s inner courtyard.

The resulting architecture has a surprising, monumental feel.

The different spaces in the Maison de Beauté are connected to the atrium by very light, airy staircases for the sort of architecture that creates a unique experience when you walk through it. The soft Parisian light is invited into this powerful archetypical setting by a glass roof that overlooks the entire atrium.


The composition of the arches around the courtyard creates deep perspectives that provide a glimpse of the wealth of treatments offered in the various destinations and spaces in Carita’s new Maison de Beauté.


Inspired by the brand’s fluid textures, we have cultivated a sense of natural materials tactile surfaces, where charm, contemporary purity and responsibility come together: the sensuality of gypsum, white and black marble are warmed by touches of pink onyx and chromed metal.


/ Sophie Thuillier and Cristiano Benzoni, founders of REV/STUDIO