Global design strategy for Samsung

Séoul - South Korea London - United Kingdom (UK)
New architecture identity design for Samsung flagship stores worldwide. Case studies for Seoul - Seocho-gu and London - Kings Cross
2 000 sqm / retail area
2016 - in progress

Samsung, proud to be inventive : The inventors playground


Le studio REV was chosen by Samsung after an international competition to drive the new strategy and architecture identity of their flagship stores worldwide.

REV created a Lab « chic » inspired design. Iconic, fun and functional. It reflects our scope to focus on the history of Samsung, which is about technology and passion for research.

As in an inventor laboratory, the furniture is designed as a system, composed by multiple elements each one dedicated to offer a distinctive and deep experience of the product and Brand. The aim is to express customer’s personality and desires through Samsung devices.

As in a playground Samsung have to become an attitude: it’s the constant surprise of products that are always changing, a store like a theatre, a movie stage or a concert hall, it’s a tool that could be transformed for all sorts of events or ambiances. The furniture, which is essentially modular, can be reconfigured within the space for special events or launches.

Our Playground concept defines a flexible zoning layout inside the store. The customer’s visit is a fascinating exploration of Samsung universe and technologic discoveries. Flexibility and technology must enable the management of product areas and live streaming of events or launches inside the store.

REV designs a store environment based on hospitality and comfort. To avoid a dogmatic image of the store, Samsung will offer distinctive experiences and personalized services. The product display is ergonomic and dedicated to each product category.