Bellota-Bellota new store concept

Paris - France Neuilly - France
New store concept & architectural identity
100 m² retail areas
Benoit Linero

Jamón delight


Bellota Bellota and Cathay Capital asked Rev agency to create their new store concept in France and abroad. REV drawn its inspiration in the culinary art, where everything is done to give birth to the emotion, in that case with the best ham in the world.


Philippe Poulachon, creator of the Bellota Bellota brand, visionary pathfinder and international gastronomy products specialist, wanted a luxury showcase to reveal the depths of its exceptional products selection.

Bellota Bellota has decided to set up its first Parisian counter in the heart of the Marais neighborhood, at the 14th Bretagne street (75 003). The second, bigger, is settled down in Neuilly-sur-Seine, 16th Madeleine Michelis street.

The subtle manipulation of the historical codes of the brand inside the store became the elementary and radical support serving the product and its identity. The product is looking for poetic harmony based on correspondences between space and materials. As the jamón and its texture, most of the selected materials for the interiors are sensitive to the unique and precious marks the effect of time leaves on : the natural oak, the earthenware, the metal.

Space is created as an extension of precise motions which reveals the gourmandise and the gustative perfection of the jamón. Cutting stations and savant cortadores offer this unique experience in the heart of each city, in every stores.

The subalternos of the jamón, which complete the range of the exceptional products, fit into a system of oak frame which stage each product precisely and generously.

To poetize the ham and its four denominations, Sophie and Cristiano have imagined a singular and iconic object in the middle of the retail space, the Giralda*, a tower of glass. The inspiration is the architectural emergences which punctuate the Spanish cities of the jamón culture (* the bell tower of the Seville cathedral). The Giralda house and present the best pieces of the brand. The fragrance of the hams is contained and preciously concentrated, like in a perfume bottle.

A unique device, the Sniff, designed on the side of the Giralda, allows the clients to smell all the fragrances in an inspiration time, as if they were lucky to stand in a maturing cellar.


The irregular ham material and the moving light vibrate the Bellota Bellota Giralda. A new gourmet mirage during both day and night : the unique object become a new symbol of the exception and the traditional skills of the brand.