Le château de la Bourlie de Commarque - Visconti Di Modrone

Urval - France
Château de la Bourlie
Family house and resort
2 500 m²
Tom Mannion

Le Chateau de la Bourlie conjures an atmosphere of pre French Revolution splendour. The gracefulness of the architecture is enhanced by a garden dominated by 18th century clipped yew trees. Inside, a different story unfolds. Under the captainship of artist Cyril de Commarque, whose family has owned this estate for over 800 years, and of his wife Ortensia Visconti di Modrone, a writer, Chateaux de la Bourlie has undergone a radical renovation and is now ready for a new phase. One that is full of promise, and projects. Though La Bourlie’s ‘renaissance’ has deep roots, as we shall see, within Cyril de Commarque’s artistic evolution and his complex family legacy, the actual process of redesigning the chateaux’s interiors began in 2013 when de Commarque reached for architecture and interiors project Le studio REV, Cristiano Benzoni and Sophie Thuillier, to discuss ideas and vision about La Bourlie on paper. Cristiano and Sophie founded Le studio REV, the Paris based architectural firm known for their offline luxury approach and their philosophy founded on the research of the essential for every project (these include the Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. flagship stores in Paris Champs-Elysées), was not the obvious choic e. But then De Commarque thrives on paradoxes. “I wanted to engage in a belligerent dialogue to see if we could find a common ground at La Bourlie. I was bored by the current fashion of nostalgic, minimalist interventions to historic interiors. I wanted something new.” Two more years passed before de Commarque had the financial resources (partly earned finding abandoned properties in extraordinary locations in Europe restoring them and selling them off at a good profit) to embark with REV studio on this adventure.