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PROGRAM New architectural identity and new stores design for the main private channel network in France . Development of a new retail network in France.
DATE 12/2011

REV Architecture was chosen by the Canal+ Group to design its very first “premium stores” to welcome both the public and its customers. REV designed this original space around Canal +’s most leading products : its channels CANAL+, CANALSAT and CANALPLAY.

REV played with the iconic and basic graphic image of the Group and its decoder “Le Cube” to create a new architectural concept, offbeat and surprising in the same way as Kubrick’s monolith.

A system of three-dimensional large pixels gives the new CANAL+ Stores their iconic and radical identity. Each pixel integrates a specific task and is intended for the customers and the integration of the stores software ; the contents wall, the experiments table, the off shoot products, the news desk of the “Grand Journal” etc. Ergonomic solutions adapted to each content’s presentation characterize each pixel and spark the visitors curiosity. Pull out flaps become the normal and intuitive interface to access the contents and the experimentation : a first in a store. The space finds itself once again a gesture dimension.

Like this, zapping becomes a trip which not only shows but also reveals the long time experience of Canal+ at ones fingertips…

The front of the store is decidedly wide and is open to the outside to allow the architecture to call out to the visitors wishes from far thanks to a new iconic image and from near through the discovery of the contents. The large shop window acts as a living theatre where the Channel news mixes and expresses itself: in this event, it does not only deal with video but a mix of forms of expression which must both show and stagger the news on Canal+.

Architecture, strategies and visual merchandising clarify in a radical way the channel and the store identity so as to offer the public a visually different Canal+’s experience.

Photos by Benoit Linero