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DATE 10/2011

Simphony in blacks and whites

This iconic 270 sqm apartment is located in the very prestigious 16eme arrondissement, in Paris. Our aim was to inject modernity and the owner’s specific lifestyle by twisting the classic “haussmannien” original layout of the apartment.

We created a « sensitive » envelope around the transition wall separating the gallery from the rooms. The chosen material is a brushed tinted oak: a prestigious and classic mono-material which becomes a sensitive and technical skin.

This furniture feature element is 30 meters long, measuring the incredible length inside the apartment from Poincare Avenue to Place Victor Hugo.

It integrates different themes for each room, creating a precise geography of the owners’ life, passions and memories: an oversize see-through aquarium, pieces of art, a fireplace, a bar, a luxury leather bench, the kitchen/laboratory.

Some large in-built doors are also integrated into the furniture feature to accommodate the need for both privacy and interaction.

A one-off collection of freestanding furniture was designed by Cristiano Benzoni and manufactured by the finest craftsmen of Marzorati Ronchetti, Italy.

Our architectural approach in this project is not looking for a “style”. We want to define a «primary» expression for interiors: hidden rules create radical expression and precision. As in an F1 car, nothing is done for aesthetic reasons but it becomes aesthetic.

Photos by Benoit Linero