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PROGRAM Buddha Bar Hotel new Hotel concept, architectural concept, full interior design, 108 suites
SURFACE 10 000 M²
DATE 2012

This hotel has been designed according to the BUDDHA Bar group’s specificity and in reference to a mix of inspirations and ambience wished by the brand’s founders, Raymond and Tarja VISAN.

We have been asked to think about a new image for the BUDDHA Bar Hotels, here in a magnificent historical building in BUDAPEST facing the Danube.

This imposing palace of about 10 000 square meters was built for the Archduchess Klotild Von AUGSBOURG.

All the international hotel luxury chains are present in Budapest, occupying sumptuous palaces with immaculate decor, on the river side.

In order to attract the customers and arouse their desire, it was necessary to find something new and different: to offer a different experience, to put on show the lifestyle and the mythology of symbols which has made the success of the BUDDHA Bar all around the world.







The kind of architecture we provide wishes to focus on these feelings and catch their intensity.

We chose to express the usual language of the Occidental architecture in a more “blurred” way.

Only in atmospheres, textures, shadows and lights: sometimes the material seems to disappear in favour of a certain spiritual approach.

What ensues has an unexpected side. Is it eclectic or archaic? Is it expressing a regression?

Not at all: to define the exception of this hotel the most innovative techniques have been implemented.

In the entrance hall a big marquee in openwork cantilevered metal, projects on to the floor a rug of shadows which gives a precious transition between the hotel and the town.

On the ground floor, the hotel reception and the lobby bar, a urban gallery and two restaurants are organised among a sequence of varied places, according to different sorts of conviviality.

The existing building pillars have been covered with large pieces of glass printed with huge back- lit images: the building structure becomes a mirage devoid of depth and plays the part of a prestigious sign which indicates the new hotel’s presence in town.

In the corridors, the bedrooms doors disappear, as they are not distinguished from the walls area : each customer will be under the illusion of having the whole floor to himself. Precious perforated and lit up door plates give each suite its bedroom number.

Each of the 105 suites is different and unique, the beginning of an emotion which inspires to those who occupy them a feeling of ownership.

A symphony of reds, collections of precious lacquered objects “tattooed” with large images, give a rhythm to the fine contrasts between the different spaces: the entrance, the bathroom, the bedroom.

In a few privileged suites, a large glass silkscreen printed wall shares or reunites, according to one’s choice, the bedroom space with the majestic bathroom, in a subtle game of reflections and transparencies.

On the last floor, the Klotild Skylounge, under a big glass roof, resembles a window looking out on to BUDAPEST.

In this exclusive place, along the long glass counter, the big mirrors adorned with fragments of historical portraits of princess Klotild and the Chinese lacquered furniture, all disappear in the reflections of PEST, the Danube and the night lights.

The building’s historical façade reveals the day light through transparencies and reflections, and the internal space of the hotel.

By night, a sophisticated lighting effect emphasizes a powerful and refined signal in the town,showing the exact position of this new “must”.

In this intriguing line, attractive and mysterious, lies the very idea of contemporary luxury that we propose for this unique place.